How It Works

Pandora's Kharis is a circle of Hellenic Polytheists who came together to help increase the impact of personal donations to charity in the name of their religion. All communication is undertaken over their Facebook group Pandora's Kharis.
  • After the Noumenia, the beginning of the Hellenistic new month which starts the day after the dark moon, every member of Pandora's Kharis is free to pitch a charity or cause they feel passionate about; Pagan, non-Pagan, local, international, concerning animals, health causes, education, 'third world' aid, etc.
  • For one week, members can post pitches, comment on the pitches of others (constructively), and make up their minds about the pitch they feel most passionate about
  • After one week, the pitches are gathered into a poll and everyone has a single vote for the cause of their choice
  • A donation page is created externally for the chosen cause, and until the Deipnon, members can make their donation; no one is forced to donate, and a donation can be of any value
  • The moderators receive the money from the donation service and transfer it to the desired cause; proof of the donation going through as well as the total amount gathered is communicated back to the members; the donation is made in name of 'the members of Pandora Kharis', and is accompanied by a mission statement of the group, an explanation about our religion and anything else agreed upon by members of Pandora's Kharis
  • The day after, members of the group can pitch their causes again; in general, causes will not be repeated, unless specifically agreed upon by Pandora's Kharis' members