Press and Community Reactions

"Pandora’s Kharis, a charity circle run by Hellenic Polytheists, was recently launched. The new group, sponsored by Elaion, aims to raise money for “charities and causes which align with our ideals, our Gods and our communities.” -- Jason Pitzl-Waters, The Wild Hunt (22-10-2013) 

"[T]he idea is easily replicated.  Wiccans, Heathens, polytraditional solitaries all could create their own groups for amplifying the power of their giving.  By narrowing the focus from the incredibly broad and often contradictory beliefs of Pagans down to the ethics and values of a particular subset of the Paganiverse, we are likely to see more public giving by Pagans. -- Terence P. Ward, Dirty Money (21-10-2013)

"It is easy for us to forget how good we truly have things, until we are faced with difficulties. It is a lot harder when we are faced with difficulties to see that there are people who have even more difficulties than us. But this is something that I think we NEED to do -- because we need to learn to work as a group to affect the world around us." -- Ann Hatzakis, GreekRevivalistMommy (19-10-2013)