Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pagan Federation International Philippines Maimakterion 2013 cause

Pandora's Kharis is proud to announce that the Pagan Federation won this month's poll by a landslide; they recieved 73,4 percent of the votes! That means it is now decided: this month's cause is the Pagan Federation International Philippines. The other options were the following, including their percentages:

The Pandora's Kharis PayPal account is once more open to recieve donations, and can be accessed in the right hand sidebar. The deadline to donate is December third, and remember: we are giving to help the relief effort in the Phillippines after typhoon Haiyan hit it with its full destructive force.

Pagan Federation International is a campaigning organization aimed at networking like-minded individuals that will fight against ignorance and negative attitudes towards paganism and make it possible to have a more proactive and visible celebration of Paganism. In light of the terrible typhoon, the Pagan Federation International Philippines is using donations to help the survivors in hands-on, practical ways--with food, clean water, clothes and medication. They are helping to provide basics which are still sorely lacking in most areas, and we can help them by donating generously.

All PayPal costs will be covered by Elaion so your full donation will be transferred to the Pagan Federation and will go towards aiding the victims of Haiyan. Thank you in advance for your donation, for spreading the word, and/or aiding the cause in any other way.

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