Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Greek Archaeological Committee (UK) Hekatombaion 2015 cause

With an overwhelming majority vote, The Greek Archaeological Committee (UK) has become Padora's Kharis' cause for Hekatombaion 2015!

The Greek Archaeological Committee, thereafter referred to as GACUK, was founded in London in the autumn of 1986 on the 150th anniversary of the Greek Archaeological Society at Athens, with which it is associated.

The founders of GACUK believe that the history and archaeology of Greece are important assets of Western culture and a better understanding of them is essential to a deeper appreciation of the shaping of the modern world. GACUK considers therefore that the dissemination of information on current archaeological work in Greece to British academics and the public at large and the resulting international recognition of this work is of great importance.

GACUK awards scholarships for post-graduate studies in British Universities to students of Hellenic ethnicity, of moderate means, who have obtained a first-class degree or equivalent in their previous studies from reputable universities.

Donating to the Pandora's Kharis' fundraiser for this cause can be done by clicking the 'donate' button to the side, or by transferring the funds directly to with PayPal. The deadline to donate is 16 August. Thank you in advance!

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