Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dominick Lawniczak Evans and Ashley Guillory Pandora's Kharis causes for Anthesterion

Usually, we pick non-profit causes. Companies created to do good across the globe. And sometimes, we need to make an exception because we know the people involved or because the stories of a single individual can be so heartbreaking that we simply can't turn them away. This month, Pandora's Kharis' fundsraiser is one of the latter. This month we will raise funds for two causes, two people: Dominick Lawniczak Evans and Ashley Guillory.

Dominick Lawniczak Evans
Dominick's full story can be found here, but in short, Dominick has two huge problems that are creating impenetrable barriers to his independence. First, his hoyer lift (the lift that gets him from the bed to his wheelchair) is old and unsafe. This standard lift slides under his bed, lifts him, and puts him down in his chair. It also has a large bar near his feet and his feet often get stuck, causing him to bend and sometimes fracture his toes. The idea of this happening causes him such anxiety that Dominick hesitates getting out of bed, even when it's a necessity.

The second problem is his wheelchair. A highly documented mess from day one, Dominick's wheelchair is about three years old and has been fixed well over 20 times and has had the base replaced at least once. He's had the Attorney General of the state where he got the wheelchair involved, and while efforts have been made to help him, the company that provided the wheelchair is absolutely unwilling to rectify the problem. Dominick is fighting with his insurance company to get a new wheelchair, but it's a slow going process and until he gets one, he spends most of his time in bed. Now with the addition of the lift problems, he spends all of his time in bed.

From bed, Dominick does more work than you can imagine. He works as a freelance writer and runs his blog where he discusses life as a minority, and he sheds light on issues pertainent to the LGBT, disability, and film communities. He is an activist for the LGBT, disabled, and other minority communities, working on various political committies to improve the lives of people and to foster independence even when he's unable to enjoy his own.

Dominick need two things to get out of bed and becomes independent: a new lift and a new wheelchair. The lift he needs costs over $7000,-. The wheelchair that Dominick needs costs over $25000.00 when you add in the additional options he needs like recline and tilt, which allow him to comfortably adjust his position and to take pressure off various parts of his body. If Dominick makes more than the cost of the lift, any additional funds received will go towards paying for the wheelchair or the special features that he needs that insurance will definitely not pay for!

Anything you can do to help Dominick is appreciated whether it's $1 or $100. Anything you can give will lead him closer to his goal to becoming a more productive, healthier member of society.

Dominick has so much to give, but the reality is that it's tough to make a difference in the world from bed. Thank you for considering helping him. Just the thought means more than you know.

Ashley Guillory
Ashley Guillory is 33 years old, married, and has a daughter and step-son. Ten years ago, she had a brain tumor removed and with a recent trip to Houston Ashley and her family found out she will need another brain surgery to remove a cyst in the middle of her brain. The neurologist found an area of concern in her cerebellum. Now, brain surgery is invasive and very expensive. The family is looking for help to cover these excessive costs and you can help with any and all amounts. Every little bit will help.

We are not asking you to choose between these two very deserving people, we are asking you to donate. Half of your donation will go to Dominick and half to Ashley, hoping to bring both a touch closer to their goal. So band together in the spirit of the Gods and donate, please. Both people truly need your help. The deadline to donate is March 8, 2016. You can do so by using the PayPal option to the side or by donating directly to Thank you in advance!

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