Thursday, June 29, 2017

Restoration work of the Grand Theatre of Cassope has been funded!

I've received an e-mail that The Cassope campaign Pandora's Kharis members contributed to was completed successfully!

The Grand Theatre of Cassope is located in the ruined hill northwest of cassope. It was constructed in the 3rd century BC and had a capacity of about 2,500 people. According to some authors it could accommodate 6,000 people. It was the largest of a total of two theaters that existed in the city. The other, called the Conservatory of distinction, could seat 300 to 500 people. The large theater is now largely destroyed due to natural decay and is nearly inaccessible. This is about to change, though.

Diazoma, a citizens’ group that works to protect and promote Greece’s ancient monuments, came up with a proposal to include the Cassope theatre in the act4greece program – an idea that received the green light from National Bank. The target was set at 80,000 euros. The goal was exceeded by $ 500,-. I'll keep you updated about the progress!

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